Meet Tower Special Reserve Coffees

Christy Ingkavet @ Apr 11, 2023

As expert bean hunters, we are always looking for the highest-quality coffee. Like a fine wine, the best coffee gets its flavor from the terroir — or how and where the beans are grown. That’s what gives these distinct beans their complex and varied flavors.  Once we source these Grade...

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The Art of Processing Coffee for Elevated Flavor

Christy Ingkavet @ Mar 30, 2023

Coffee processing is an essential, labor-intensive part of getting your beans from the tree to your cup.  Coffee cherries do not all ripen at the same time — even cherries on the same tree, on the same branch, and down to the same cluster. Since some will ripen before others, they...

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The Evolution of Coffee from First to Fourth Wave

Christy Ingkavet @ Feb 03, 2023

The coffee market has changed and evolved over the past two centuries. It is often defined in different waves, based on cultural preferences and varieties. Let’s take a look at how coffee has changed since its introduction. First-Wave Coffee: The Commodity Years First-wave coffee refers to the early days of...

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The Art of Roasting Coffee to Perfection

Christy Ingkavet @ Jan 20, 2023
The key to achieving coffee flavor perfection is not just how we source, but particularly in how we roast each of our beans. Discover how Tower roasts coffee to bring out Flavor Above All. 

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2022 Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Christy Ingkavet @ Nov 09, 2022
Give your coffee-loving family members and friends one of our hand-picked gifts along with a tasty craft coffee bundle. Get inspired by our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

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