Flavor Above All®

From harvesting to washing, roasting to grinding, packaging to recycling, our passion for purity runs 360°. When you savor our gourmet craft coffees, you’ll experience notes of fruit, herbs, florals, or nutty, sweet, tart, mineral flavors, and the sultry aroma of the roast. We seek beans infused by nearby flora and find roast levels to enhance every flavor nuance. Influences may be subtle as the black cherry taste as in a private reserve wine or the aromatic fragrance of a midnight summer’s bloom. Yet they are always there. Taste the difference of Tower coffee.

Art Meets Science

Our backgrounds give us a unique perspective on growing, roasting, blending, and brewing. We’re reconsidering age-old techniques to improve flavor, convenience, and repeatability. We’re employing new technologies to improve the consistency of roasts and combining science with the art of great coffee making to brew a more flavorful cup of coffee.

Our founder, Robert Brown, was asked whether he believed growing, roasting, and brewing the perfect coffee to be an art or a science. He stated, “It’s both. The art stirs and excites us and pushes us to explore. The science employs chemistry and physics to create a consistent experience for every customer, every time.”

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Robert Brown


Robert’s first experience with quality coffee came when introduced to an Italian La Pavoni Espresso machine and his passion for coffee grew. Meanwhile, his work took him all over the world, and he tasted coffee on every continent. Robert’s engineering background gave him a unique perspective on growing, roasting, blending and brewing. Robert realized traditional methods could be improved upon.

In 2002, Robert moved to Bend, Oregon, where there were only two craft micro coffee roasters. He spent decades evolving his palette and learning, and finding the Northwest’s best micro roasters. Now he is combining next-generation eCommerce Cloud technology and craft-roasted coffee to create unparalleled flavor.

Tor Naerheim


Tor is a self-described “late coffee bloomer.” It wasn’t until he experienced the amazing coffee in Europe that he became an aficionado. In South America, Tor came to appreciate what Brazilians call Cafezinho. Between morning and night, coffee is imbibed at every opportunity. The word “cafezinho,” meaning “small coffee” is practically a salutation. Coffee was a way of life.

After sampling the world’s coffees, Tor settled in the Pacific Northwest where he discovered the offerings of American craft roasters. Tor called on his design and technology background to help reimagine the single-serve pod, taking what pods produce from bland to flavorful. Tor cares about every detail, from bean origin to package design and a pod’s impact on the planet.