As expert bean hunters, we are always looking for the highest-quality coffee.

Like a fine wine, the best coffee gets its flavor from the terroir — or how and where the beans are grown. That’s what gives these distinct beans their complex and varied flavors. 

Once we source these Grade 1, hand-picked coffee beans, we roast them in small batches to perfection to bring out all of their unique flavors.

What Makes Special Reserves So Special?

Special Reserve beans are grown by our farm partners on small lots — typically just a few hectares of land that have the ideal growing conditions. These lots have microclimates that nurture the plants with the right amount of sun, wind, and rain to produce a superior coffee cherry. 

And because there are a limited number of beans grown on these smaller lots, there's a limited number of bags that we can produce.

Without further ado, here are all the Tower Roasting Special Reserve Coffees, in order from light to dark roast.

Bali Special Reserve

Light Roast
Strawberry, Lemon, Chocolate

Our Bali Special Reserve coffee is grown in the Kintamani highlands on the island of Bali, Indonesia. The highlands are known for their active volcanoes and beautiful views. 

The coffee is nurtured by the nutrient-rich volcanic soil of Mount Agung, and grown alongside citrus trees. It is produced with an ecologically sustainable irrigation system developed more than 1,000 years ago by Hindu priests who practice Tri Hita Karana (three sources of prosperity). 

Our Bali Special Reserve is a light roast coffee that has natural flavor notes of strawberry, lemon, and chocolate.

Ethiopia Special Reserve

Light Roast
Blueberry, Peach Sage 

Yirgacheffe translates to “land of many springs”. Growing in a perfect climate of Southern Ethiopia, the Yirgacheffe small, green coffee bean is harvested cleanly without typical agronomic chemicals. The coffee plants thrive naturally in warm, higher elevations abundant with water, vegetation, rich, red-brown fertile soil under the shade of the Babira, Cordia, and Africana trees. 

Our Yirgacheffe certified organic coffee sourced from the Adado cooperative. It grown in luvisol, processed fully washed and dried on raised beds. Its mellow, light-bodied flavor and captivating aroma make it one of the most loved coffees the world over. 

Our Ethiopia Special Reserve coffee is a light roast, with flavor notes of blueberry, peach and sage. 

Guatemala Special Reserve 

Medium Roast
Plum, Chocolate, Almond

Guatemala is particularly known for its specialty-grade coffee. Coffees are graded by the elevation that they were grown at — with strictly hard bean (SHB) being the highest rating. 

Our Guatemala Special Reserve coffee is grown on a microlot with ideal growing conditions at Finca Palo Blanco in the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala. The beans are SHB, organic, and Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee. They are also European preparation (EP) — meaning that the sorting screen size is 15 and above and with a maximum of 8 defects or less per 300 grams per bean. So these coffee beans are truly some of the best in Guatemala.

Our Guatemala coffee is a medium roast, with flavor notes of plum, chocolate and almond. 

Costa Rica Special Reserve


Medium Roast
Floral, Caramel, Chocolate 

This Central American country is known for “Pura Vida” or the “pure life.” It’s more than just an expression — Ticos live by the philosophy of enjoying the simple things in life and living purely.

Costa Rica coffee beans are Strictly Hard Bean, meaning they are grown at elevations of 3,900 feet or more. The high altitude slows the growth of the coffee trees, causing the cherries to mature much slower; the result is dense coffee cherries containing beans packed with sultry, rich flavor.

Grown in exclusive microclimate conditions, these cream-of-the-crop plants bear coffee cherries beyond compare. This top-shelf coffee comes from our growing partner, Hacienda La Armistad, a family farm that has operated for over three generations and 100 years.

Our Costa Rica Special Reserve coffee is a medium roast, with floral, caramel and chocolate flavor notes. 


Dark Tower Special Reserve

Dark Roast
Vanilla, Pecan, Smoky

Our Dark Tower is a magical combination of two beans from opposite sides of the world — Brazil and Indonesia. 

The Minas Gerais region of Brazil is well-known for producing some of the highest-quality coffee. Our organic, grade 1 Brazilian beans come from Fazenda Dutra, an eco-conscious grower located in the region. 

Our organic, grade 1 Sumatran beans are from Gayo Mandiri, a family-owned exporter that works directly with growers in the Aceh highlands. Coffee in this region is grown among the lush, tropical forest. The fields are flush with coffee plants, fruit trees, and vegetables.

We created Dark Tower Special Reserve with the support of a local Good Foods award-winning roaster, who showed us how to smoke our roasted beans. The result is a uniquely dark, rich coffee, with flavor notes of vanilla, pecan and smoke.