Puntarenas Costa Rica Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee by Tower Roasting Co Puntarenas Costa Rica Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee by Tower Roasting Co

Estate Grown, Single Origin, Organic

Costa Rica

Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Caramel

A silky, mild-bodied, balanced medium roast, this proudly fair trade, sustainably-grown, organic Arabica coffee with distinctive flavor is incomparable on every level. A century-old coffee farm grows coffee cherries that feature a complex blend of sweet cocoa, smooth caramel, and warm pumpkin pie spiced flavors.
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Roast Level

Medium Roast

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Flavor Profile

Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon, Caramel

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Bean Origin

Coto Brus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

The Origin Story

Costa Rica Single Origin is a silky, mild-bodied, balanced medium roast. Certified organic, the beans are sustainably grown in high altitudes at the Roberto Montero estate “Hacienda La Amistad.” Here the cherries ripen slowly, absorbing the flavors of the flora. Arabica beans are heated in the 100-year-old roaster to ensure complex flavors of delicious cocoa, smooth caramel, and bright citrus.

Costa Rica's verdant landscape is the source of some of the world’s finest Arabica coffee. In fact, Arabica beans are the only coffee type allowed to be grown within the country's borders—by law. Costa Rica coffee beans are Strictly Hard Bean, meaning they are grown at elevations of 3,900 feet or more. The high altitude slows the growth of the coffee trees, causing the cherries to mature much slower; the result is dense coffee cherries containing beans packed with sultry, rich flavor.

Costa Rican Arabica beans are grown in ideal conditions: they’re nourished by a rich in mineral volcanic soil that produces crops with very low acidity, deepening flavor without adding bitterness and they’re watered by the purest, freshest mountain rainwater. Crops are nurtured by 27 families of farmers steeped in traditions for growing artisanal coffee. 

Because the effort at the Hacienda is also about sustainability, Montero reintroduced natural cycles for coffee production. He uses nitrogen-fixing trees and forest as shade. Ground cover is used as mulch to make the soil more fertile. Coffee tree trimmings are used to stoke the fires of his bean dryers. Water from the washing process is used for composting since it is so rich in nutrients and minerals. Montero’s sustainability practices leave no leaf unturned.

Clean and light are words commonly used to describe Costa Rican coffee. In describing our Costa Rica Single Origin, we would add the words distinctive, exquisite—and incomparable.

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"Tower Coffee is committed to flavor above all else—flavor that comes from the finest, single origin beans, the world’s best growing regions and craft roasters with uncompromising palettes. Flavor that blends centuries old traditions while embracing pioneering new technologies."