Mandheling Sumatra Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee by Tower Roasting Co Mandheling Sumatra Single Origin

Fair Trade, Single Origin, Organic

Mandheling Sumatra

Brown Sugar, Melon, Toffee

A naturally organic bean that demands no introduction. Gourmets agree it is Indonesia’s most treasured gift to the world. This medium roast, full bodied coffee jewel is rich and earthy with sweet hints of butterscotch and tropical spices that end in a decadently delightful chocolate finish.



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Roast Level

Medium Dark Roast

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Flavor Profile

Brown Sugar, Melon, Toffee

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Bean Origin

Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia

The Origin Story

Sumatra produces some of the finest coffee on earth. Informed by jungle flora and a unique wet-hulling process, this coffee is sweet with hints of butterscotch and spice for a creamy chocolate finish. Its earthy, full-bodied flavor and low acidity make it a gourmet favorite. A true national treasure, Sumatran beans are deep blue green gleaming like jade before processing.

Sumatran refers coffee grown on the island of Sumatra in western Indonesia. Our organic, fair trade Sumatra Mandheling is a medium roast, Single Origin Sumatran grown in the Aceh region of the island. Connoisseurs prize aged Sumatran beans grown in Aceh because the aging accentuates their spicy, earthy notes. It is literally the best of the best coffee in the world partly because of where it’s grown and partly because of the wet-hulling process used throughout the coffee’s supply chain. Wet-hulling (or giling basah) is unique to the Indonesian islands of Sumatra and Sulawesi and requires a number of steps:

  1. farmers remove skin from the coffee cherries by running beans through a hand-cranked depulper
  2.  they ferment the cherries overnight to break down and wash away the fruit layer beneath the skin
  3. beans are partially dried for a few hours until they reach about 50% moisture
  4. middlemen dry the beans to 25-35% moisture and send them through a wet-huller to remove the parchment layer
  5. millers air-dry the hulled coffee to 12-13% moisture and the coffee is ready to export just a month after picking

The result is delicious, fresh, smooth coffee like no other on earth. Give your taste buds a special treat with this prized single-origin coffee jewel.

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