La Familia Blend Whole Bean Coffee by Tower Roasting Co La Familia Blend

Blend, Organic


Dark Fruit, Almond, Cocoa Nibs

A direct-trade and organic blend marrying time-honored beans from two families. This sweetly mild bodied, medium roast combines Costa Rica’s revered crown jewel beans with the world’s best Guatemalan Arabica to create a delicious chocolate nougat slam with a soft creamy vanilla honey finish.



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Roast Level

Medium Dark Roast

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Flavor Profile

Dark Fruit, Almond, Cocoa Nibs

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Bean Origin

Coto Brus, Puntarenas, Costa Rica; Santa Cruz Barillas, Huehuetenango, Guatemala

The Origin Story

With beans from two of the world’s top coffee haciendas, this sweet, mild-bodied, medium roast combines organic Costa Rican Caturra and Catuai with the most complex of Guatemalan Arabicas. The Arabica is grown in rich volcanic soil amidst lush flora infusing dark chocolate flavor. This regal marriage is an epiphany of enticing almond nougat scents laced with vanilla bean and honeydew melon.

The Costa Rican “Crown Jewel” beans are certified organic and 97% of the original land the coffee is grown on has been dedicated to forest preservation. Of the remaining 4,000 hectares, 300 hectares are dedicated to organic coffee production, flora and wildlife. The farm’s propinquity to Panama attracts many indigenous people and their families during harvest season. Housing and medical care are provided to the seasonal workers as part of the farm’s ongoing commitment to community. We love this producer’s dedication to the harvesters, environment and natural growing practices. The hard work and love that goes into making and bringing these beans into our lives is profoundly palpable. 

Guatemala is increasingly known for high-quality coffee. Guatemalan Arabica is grown up to a height of 2000 meters amidst a wide diversity of flora responsible for its rich diversity of flavor notes. In Huehuetenango, the mist shrouded mountains near the Mexican border, the fertile volcanic soil and warm temperate climate are perfect for growing specialty beans. As the world has progressed from traditional to specialty coffees, both Guatemala’s larger farmers and small landholders have found ways to answer the demand, continually improve their beans, offering higher quality, better consistency, natural and honey processing with organic certification. 

The fusion of organic Costa Rican and Guatemalan Arabica beans creates a harmonious duet of the best coffee from both countries—and a uniquely satisfying zenith of flavor! At Tower we say, “La Familia es muy buena!”

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"Tower Coffee is committed to flavor above all else—flavor that comes from the finest, single origin beans, the world’s best growing regions and craft roasters with uncompromising palettes. Flavor that blends centuries old traditions while embracing pioneering new technologies."