As a next-generation, faith-based, craft coffee industry pioneer, we aim to deliver the highest-quality coffee that also supports communities. That’s why we partner with farm collectives that focus on sustainable agriculture, community development, and fair-trade practices. 

And now, we’re proud to also give back to our local community through our new partnership.

Give Back to the Community Through Tower Coffee: The World’s Best Beans 

The Shepherd’s House Coffee Club offers the highest-quality beans from the world’s top coffee producers. 

If you love the distinct flavor of high-quality, craft coffee, you will love our exclusive coffee collection. Grown in ideal microclimate conditions, these cream-of-the-crop plants bear coffee cherries beyond compare — that’s why we’ve named them the Crown Jewels.

When you join the coffee club, 50% of your purchase of Tower Coffee will go directly to Shepherd’s House Ministries.

A Sustainable Gifting Plan that Sustains the Community

We partnered with Shepherd’s House Ministries to give back in a way that could help support its work throughout the year.

As Tower Coffee founder Bob Brown explains,
“Our mission is to help Shepherd’s House reach further every day to touch and improve lives through sharing and giving. Tower Coffee is covering the cost to produce the coffee, and the remaining 50% goes directly to helping to grow the vital programs and services Shepherd’s House offers while allowing funds to be raised in a perennial and sustainable way. It is our hope that our campaign lives forever.”

Homeless and hungry personShepherd’s House Ministries offers food, clothing, safe shelter, and life-transformational programs for those experiencing trauma, addiction, and homelessness. The Bend and Redmond, Oregon locations will continue to work to meet the growing needs of those experiencing homeless, offer mobile services through our Project S.H.A.R.E. outreach, and expand their addiction recovery programs for men, women, and children. 

“We feel strongly that Tower Coffee, a local Bend establishment with a broader vision to raise needed resources throughout the year, is a great partner and will allow us to help the most people in the greatest need in a sustainable way.” said, Curt Floski, Executive Director at Shepherd’s House Ministries. 

Crown Jewel Coffee Hand Roasted and Delivered to Your Doorstep

When you join Shepherd’s House Coffee Club, you’ll experience two special-reserve coffees each month that will delight your senses. Tower Roasting hand-selects these beans from micro-lots, where the growing conditions produce the highest-quality coffee in the world.

After harvest, unique processing and drying methods produce coffee with distinct flavors of its terroir — featuring notes of fruit, herbs, florals, or nutty, sweet, tart, and mineral flavors. Influences may be subtle as the black cherry taste in a private-reserve wine or the aromatic fragrance of a midnight summer’s bloom.

Our select reserve Roaster’s Choice offerings are exclusively for those who join us in the mission to enjoy the world’s best coffee for a cause that makes our world a brighter place.

How the Shepherd’s House Coffee Club Works

Join the Shepherd’s House Coffee Club, and you will get our Crown Jewel coffee bean selection delivered to you once per month. Tower Coffee gives 50% of each purchase back to Shepherd’s House Ministries. 

Giving back through coffee creates sustainable giving where everyone wins — you enjoy better coffee, Shepherd’s House Ministries supports more people.

Go to to learn more and to join the Coffee Club.