In our mission to deliver Flavor Above All, we carefully consider the origin of our beans. Our aim is always to pick coffee that is grown sustainably and supports the people growing it.

That’s why we sourced our certified Fair Trade and Organic Peruvian single-origin coffee through the Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros de la Cuenca del Rio Marañón (APROCCURMA) from the Amazonas region. This female majority-owned cooperative produces some exceptional coffee, plus, we love everything they’re about!

Read on to learn more about one of our favorite cooperatives, then enjoy some of their coffee with us ☕️ - click here to buy our Peruvian Single Origin in whole bean or Peruvian Single Origin in k cups. 

Coffee Origin Information

124 women members of Asociación de Productores Cafetaleros de la Cuenca del Rio Marañón (APROCCURMA)

Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra, Pache and Typica

Rodríguez de Mendoza, Amazonas, Peru

July - November

1500-1800 masl

Clay minerals

Fully washed and dried in the sun

Fair Trade, Organic

Peru’s Long Coffee-Growing Tradition

Amazonas is a region in northern Peru that borders Ecuador. It is known for rocky Andes mountain terrain, dense cloud forests, and ancient ruins. Agriculturally, it is known for its fertile soil, geographic diversity, and ideal growing climate.

Peru has a long history of coffee growing. It was one of the first countries in the Americas to receive coffee plants, Peru began growing coffee in the mid-1700s. During most of its history, its beans were consumed locally. But as Peruvians’ taste for coffee grew, so did production. In the early 1900s, Peru’s already robust coffee industry began exporting beans on a large scale, making up 60% of Peru’s exports.

Peru’s success is in part geography and part tradition. The mountains that run through Northwest Peru provide ideal coffee growing conditions, however, coffee is grown all over the country, including on farms spread across the nation’s coastal plain—and even in Peru’s Amazon jungles.

Given the country’s long tradition of coffee growing, it’s not surprising that Peru is one of the world’s leading growers of specialty coffee. While virtually all Peruvian coffees are good, they are not the same. This Peruvian single-origin stands out among the rest. The women who grew these beans have something special of which they can be very proud.
APROCCURMA female majority-owned coffee collective

Meet the Peruvian Coffee Collective

Women represent a substantial percentage of the coffee industry’s labor force, yet they receive very little revenue because most of the land has been traditionally owned by men.

As of five years ago, because of APROCCURMA, female producers have become first-time landowners and receive education in organic, earth-friendly farming practices. The APROCCURMA grower’s collective works directly with 124 women-owned farms in the Rodriguez de Mendoza province.

The coffee plants are grown in mineral-rich clay soil. Then they are fully washed and dried in the sun. The specific Arabica bean varietals they grow are Typica, Pache, Caturra, Catimor, and Bourbon.

The women farmers use organic growing practices, and the beans are intercropped with shade trees, bananas, corn, and beans.  At the peak of maturity and ripeness, the coffee cherries are carefully picked and sorted by hand. Then depulping, fermenting, washing and drying is all done at the farm with micro-mills. 

The collective supports the farmers by investing back into infrastructure such as road improvements, establishing local warehouses, and preparing coffee for export to ensure green beans are of the highest quality and traceable back to their source. The cooperative also supports farmers by providing financing, training, and technical assistance to improve coffee quality.  

The cooperative also helps improve the quality of life for its coffee producers and their families by supporting them through international marketing efforts. Their goal is to help them earn more for their crops based on a reputation for quality and certification. 

It is nice to know that every time you purchase Tower’s Peruvian Single Origin, you empower these women and a healthier planet.APROCCURMA coffee collective

The Delicate Flavor of Our Single-Origin Peruvian Coffee

When you brew a cup of Tower Peruvian single-origin coffee, you can instantly taste the difference in quality. This bespoke coffee's enchantingly soft profile delights the taste buds with notes of creamy orange, chocolate cola, walnuts, and the intoxicating allure of fresh roses.

We also blend the Peruvian beans into our Empire Blend — along with our Yirgacheffe, Ethiopian beans — for refined, complex tastes of chocolate pot de creme, dark tea, strawberry jam, and jasmine. 

Try them both and elevate your day with quality craft coffee.