Tired of weak, bitter and stale pod coffee? Time to upgrade to this gourmet single-serve Super Pod.

Good coffee is meant to be sipped and savored. But it’s not convenient to run to the coffee shop every time you want a delicious, fresh-brewed cup. And who has time to grind beans perfectly and make your own pour-over or French press? 

Single-serve coffee pods get the job done faster — but definitely not better. 

That is until Tower Roasting Super Pods came along. 



Here’s why gourmet coffee lovers are swapping their single-serve cups for these Super Pods.

1. It’s not your ordinary pod… it’s a Super Pod.

Tower Roasting’s patented Super Pod design can hold up to 47% MORE coffee per pod. This means that you get a stronger, richer flavor out of each and every cup.

It's as good as any craft coffee from your local cafe -- but way more convenient. 

2. Grade 1, Organic Arabica coffee in every Super Pod.

Tower Coffee carefully sourced the highest-quality organic Arabica coffee from each of its coffee-growing partners. Coffee is sourced from top-producing coffee regions in the world — from Africa to Central and South America to the South Pacific. Grade 1 Arabica means it is the highest quality coffee you can find on the market with no primary defects.

3. Carefully sourced with sustainability in mind.

Tower Coffee has transparent-trade relationships from the importers all the way to the growers. At each step of the supply chain, everyone receives a fair price for the coffee, allowing them to give back to their communities. Everyone benefits from Tower Coffee’s production — from farm to cup.

4. Small-batch roasted to perfection.

Most coffee companies roast their beans in large batches. That over roasting product leading to sate coffee on the shelf. Additionally, small batch roasting allows for higher attention to detail. Ensuring each bean is carefully roasted to its maximum potential. Tower’s small-batch roasting guarantees that you’ll have the perfect flavor every time.


5. Roast-on date proves freshness.

Most coffee companies have a “sell by” date on their package only. Other pods can spend years in warehouses waiting to get to store shelves. So you have no idea how long ago it was roasted and if it’s still fresh. With Tower’s roast-on date, you always know exactly when it was roasted.

6. Super Seal guarantees freshness.

Tower Coffee’s pods have a patented Super Seal on them, ensuring that your coffee always tastes fresh. You’ll never have to settle for stale, old coffee.

7. French Press flavor in a Super Pod.

This is the first-ever gourmet, Grade 1 Organic Arabica coffee that tastes as good as the coffee from your French Press maker. But instead, you can brew one perfect cup at a time — and not have to deal with the mess of grinding your beans, brewing a pot, and cleaning up after.

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8. Dark Roast? Medium Roast? Meet your match.

Tower Coffee’s get-matched quiz can help you find the perfect beans to match your tastes. Discover new, sophisticated coffee flavors in a convenient Pod.

9. Never run out of coffee — and save 15%.

Tower Coffee makes it easy to enjoy craft coffee as often as you like with their coffee subscriptions. You can set it up your way — choose your number of Super Pods, mix of flavors, and frequency of delivery. You’ll save 15% on every order and get free shipping on every order over $50!

You know you love great coffee. Now you can upgrade your cup and enjoy French Press flavor in a Super Pod.