Holiday Bundle 4-Pack Holiday Bundle 4-Pack Holiday Bundle 4-Pack

Fair Trade, Holiday Blend, Organic


Toffee, Chocolate, Pecan

Tower Roasting Co's Holiday Bundle features our limited-edition "Joyeux Noel" French Roast K-Cup Super Pods – you will enjoy notes of toffee, chocolate, and pecan in every sip of this Organic, 100% Arabica Grade 1 Coffee. Act now to save 10% on your purchase and receive a $10 gift card.


  • 10% OFF: 4X - 12 CT Boxes K-Cup SUPER PODS™
  • 1X FREE: $10.00 Tower Roasting Digital Gift Card

Available for a limited time, this gift bundle is truly the perfect gift for any coffee lover!


icon: roast level meter showing Extra Dark Roast

Roast Level

Extra Dark Roast

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Flavor Profile

Toffee, Chocolate, Pecan

icon: bean origins

Bean Origin

Variety 100% Arabica; Mantiqueira Region, Minas Gerais, Brazil

The Origin Story

Embrace the enchantment of the holidays with Joyeux Noel Holiday Blend, now in K-Cups. Crafted from the finest Organic, 100% Arabica Grade 1 Coffee beans of Sumatra and Brazil, each cup is a celebration of toffee, chocolate, and pecan notes. Elevate your mornings effortlessly with the festive flavor of Joyeux Noel – a joy encapsulated in every sip.

Joyeux Noel K-Cups bring the joy and enchantment of the holiday season to your cup with unparalleled convenience. Sourced from the lush landscapes of Sumatra and Brazil, our Organic, 100% Arabica Grade 1 Coffee beans set the stage for a festive celebration in every sip. The carefully curated blend of toffee, chocolate, and pecan notes unfolds a symphony of flavors, creating a sensory journey that embodies the essence of the holidays. Imagine waking up to the rich aroma and indulgent taste of Joyeux Noel, elevating your mornings effortlessly with a delightful celebration. Convenience meets excellence in every K-Cup, ensuring you experience the magic of the season with each cup of this exceptional holiday blend.

As you puncture the foil of a Joyeux Noel K-Cup, you release the festive aromas that promise a rich and indulgent experience. The toffee notes provide a sweet introduction, followed by the velvety depth of chocolate and the nutty allure of pecan, perfectly balanced to bring a smile to your face. Every cup is a journey into the heart of holiday cheer, a moment of respite amidst the hustle and bustle. Joyeux Noel K-Cups not only deliver exceptional taste but also make your mornings a celebration, transforming your daily coffee routine into a festive ritual that encapsulates the warmth and joy of the season.

Whether you're sipping solo or sharing the joy with loved ones, Joyeux Noel K-Cups redefine holiday indulgence. The convenience of these perfectly portioned cups doesn't compromise on quality; each sip is a testament to the meticulous sourcing and blending that goes into creating this exceptional holiday blend. Revel in the symphony of flavors, appreciate the convenience, and make each morning a celebration of the holidays with Joyeux Noel K-Cups from Tower Roasting Co.

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"Tower Coffee is committed to flavor above all else—flavor that comes from the finest, single origin beans, the world’s best growing regions and craft roasters with uncompromising palettes. Flavor that blends centuries old traditions while embracing pioneering new technologies."